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Finale 27

Verdens beste notasjonsprogram

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Nyheter i Finale 26

Finale har alltid vært kjent som notasjonsprogrammet som kan alt. Dagens Finale automatiserer mange oppgaver og sparer deg for tid, samtidig med at du fortsatt har all fleksibiliteten Finale er kjent for. Du kan nå skape musikken du drømmer om uten kompromisser, raskere enn noengang før. Ta kontrollen over din musikk, din kreativitet og din musikalske arv.

auto-stacking articulations

When you add more than one articulation to a note, they now stack automatically – and intelligently – eliminating the need for manual edits.

slur/articulation interaction

As you add or adjust slurs, existing articulations will automatically adjust to avoid collisions. Finale knows what articulations should go inside and outside a slur, and will also split up stacked articulations so that everything fits.

instant tremolos and rolls

When placing a tremolo or roll on a note, Finale adjusts the note’s stem as necessary, whether the note is flagged, unflagged, or part of a beamed group. Enjoy engraver-quality results without the fuss.

horizontal centering

Finale version 26 allows you to flip articulations from note side to stem side with a keystroke. It also knows when to center an articulation on the stem or the note, and does so as you make changes.

new expressions and articulations

Finale’s expression and articulation libraries have been overhauled, expanded, and refined for playback. Not only do they look better, you save time by not having to create or configure them.

enhanced chords

Musicians often disagree on chord suffixes. Whether you prefer one-, two-, or three-letter suffixes, Finale now recognizes your favorites as you type them, and sets them up to look and sound great.


Finale v26 also includes performance enhancements, improved Retina support, bug fixes, many new templates, and more. All the latest features and updates can be viewed in Finale’s online user manual.