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ESI Neva Uno

2inn / 2ut 24-bits / 192KHz eksternt USB-C lydkort

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ESI Neva Uno USB-C 24bit 192kHz lydkort

This stylish 24-bit / 192 kHz USB-C audio interface is so small, it will instantly become your new companion on the go and in your studio. Neva Uno is USB bus powered and Plug & Play, just plug it in and start working! It works with any modern Mac (Intel or M1 CPU or better), PC (Windows 10 and higher) and with many portable devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). One XLR/jack combo input will take either your microphone or line signal, while the second 1/4" jack input accepts line or Hi-Z guitar signals. The inputs feature a mic preamp with up to 50dB gain and 48V phantom power support and the analog-to-digital converter provides 97db(a) dynamic range. On the output side, there is an integrated headphone amplifier and stereo line RCA outputs with a digital-to-analog converter with 107dB(a) dynamic range, allowing you to connect a mixer, amplifier or active speakers. You can monitor incoming audio signals with zero latency, just push the direct monitor button.

Robust og bærbar, komplett med musikkprogramvare

Neva Duo is compatible with virtually all common audio software thanks to our professional low latency ASIO 2.0 driver for Windows and CoreAudio compatibility on the Mac. There is even a DirectWIRE hardware loopback function that allows you to route and mix different sound sources internally: perfect for podcasting or live streaming applications. All this turns Neva Duo into an ideal device to get started in the world of digital audio recording, no matter if you create your own music, if you want to mix and edit audio, if you work on your podcast or even for live streaming. And yet there is more: Bitwig Studio 8-Track and Steinberg WaveLab LE are included. On the iPhone and iPad, you can use Cubasis LE from Steinberg.

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