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Band-in-a-Box 2018 for Windows
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 Features and Additions

Band-in-a-Box 2015 is here, with over 50 new features, 101 new RealTracks, 15 new MIDI SuperTracks, 46 Artist Performances, 20 Instrumental Studies and 1,000 new Modern, Techno, Dubstep and Worldbeat Loops.

Load and Play Videos. Now you can load videos that you have already downloaded from YouTube or elsewhere into Band-in-a-Box Video Window. The audio is extracted from the video to the audio track.

Support for 64-bit VST Plugins using jBridge ((available for only $10 from PG Music during the December special).

GUI Enhancements

  • Overhaul of dialogs, improved functionality, appearance, tab order and hints.
  • Video-Tutorial buttons to various dialogs (over 40!), with helpful tutorials.
  • Faster song list rebuilding.
  • Faster style list rebuilding.
  • Fast selection of Chord Sheet font, color, and new handwritten RealScore chord font included.
  • Automatic track labels and descriptions.
  • Custom track labels and descriptions.
  • Mixer enhanced.
  • On-screen pianos have colored notes.
  • Drop Station enhancements. Folder opens after copying a file to drop box, DragDrop or another folder.

Instant preview of audio demos added to many dialogs. These include:

  • Loops Dialog
  • Hi-Q Synth Patch Dialog
  • MIDI Synth or Audio Plugin Dialog
  • UserTracks Dialog
  • Select “Best” RealTracks Dialog
  • Select RealTracks Dialog
  • MIDI SuperTracks Dialog

The instant previews sometimes play demos from the internet. Now you can save any file that is being played from the internet by clicking the folder icon and choosing a name and Save As location..

Instant preview of rendered file. When the song is rendered ([.WAV] - Export Song as…), a message shows and if you click on it, you can preview the rendered file.

MIDI files can be read from Guitar Pro® and displayed correctly on the Guitar Fretboard in Band-in-a-Box. You can then import the audio file, and using Audio Chord Wizard, you can sync up the original audio recording with the Guitar Pro® MIDI file. So you then listen to the original audio as you watch the guitar transcription (from Guitar Pro® playing in Band-in-a-Box).

On-screen Mixer Enhanced.

  • Mixer “tricks” holding Ctrl or Shift key to change all tracks at once.
  • Mixer auto-opens/closes the Audio panel.
  • Automatic track labels and descriptions.
  • Custom track labels and descriptions.
  • Pianos show colored notes for each track.

Automatic Program Update Notification and Download.

  • When booting up, it will automatically check for a newer build (if user has allowed it and chosen how often).
  • Updates dialog: User can check/download/pause/continue/install for a newer version (not free), newer build (free), and updated RealTracks files (free).

Email Song as Attachments.

Write Acidized Files.

Loops Dialogs Enhanced.

  • Importing of more types of ACIDized files supported.
  • Instant preview of loops by double click.
  • 1,000 “Killer” loops added, mainly Modern Pop/Techno/Dubstep/Wordbeat drums and basses. Visit the dialog and double click on the loops to check them out!
  • There is now a Transpose Type setting. This is useful for single note mid-high pitch loops (sax, violin) where you can choose to transpose to the closest chord tone (triad or 7th) instead of always transposing to the root of the next chord. This achieves “Smooth Voice Leading” and makes a single note “root” loop play various chord tones and different notes.

Notation Improved.

  • Button with menu added to change bars per line easily.
  • “Big Notes with Note Names” button to make reading of the notation easier for beginners.
  • Button to set “Big Note” mode.
  • Accidentals now drawn farther from the note heads when possible.
  • Restate chord mode.
  • Bar-based Section Letters [A] - [Z] can be added easily, and are auto-placed out of the way of chords and notes.
  • Notations with note names have better contrast colors.
  • Print Preview in Editable Notation mode improved.
  • Notation Event Edit dialog enhanced, with color coding based on type, duration and velocity. Functions added to “go to” or “play” current event, also displays a count of events, and count of notes.
  • For Editable Notation with Guitar Tab, you can now easily change the string for a note, by dragging the note from one tab string to another.

Chord Sheet Window Enhancements.

  • Bar-based Section Letters [A] - [Z] can be added easily.
  • Chord Sheet font can be changed easily from on-screen button, with visual menu of fonts.
  • Chord Sheet color can be changed easily from on-screen button, with visual menu of colors.
  • RealScore font added. Handwriting font for chords. Similar to BigBand font, but a little sharper and bolder.
  • Better look on Chord Sheet for BigBand and RealScore fonts.

Many Dialogs Improved. Including:

  • RealTracks Picker dialog enhanced, with sizable window by dragging.
  • RealDrums Picker dialog enhanced.

Sizable [+] and [-] buttons and drag.

Simple drums option.

Current RealDrums selected.

Force drums to MIDI drums also added to the menu from the Drums radio button.

Chord Options dialog improved.

Real-time updating, anything changed in dialog is shown on Chord Sheet.

Choosing a different beat moves the Chord Sheet cursor.

[Clear Bar], [Clear All Bars], [Previous Bar] and [Next Bar] buttons allow user to go through the entire Chord Sheet without leaving dialog.

Undo support improved.

Chord Builder Improved. Clicking on the same root or extension will play the chord (previously it wouldn't respond if that item was already selected). [<] & [>] buttons now move 1 beat on right click (previously, you would have to type in a different beat # if you weren't just skipping 2 beats).

Style Picker Filter Improved. The [Update] button allows user to see the filtered Style Picker without leaving-then-returning to the dialog. All Category button insures that all possible styles are shown.

Piano Roll Window. Leaving/returning to piano roll keeps the user's snap settings (insert/duration).

Repeats Dialog. "Auto" mode for “Fine” types (helps user by filling in the blanks).

Record MIDI Dialog Improved. Record Onto: “Melody track” & “Soloist track” radio buttons added, which allow user to choose which track to record onto instead of leaving the dialog and launching a similar dialog.

File-Open Dialog. If you type the name of a non-existent path or file name, the dialog won’t exit and it will stay open so that you can correct the entry.

Band Button Enhanced. The Band button shows an updated and improved list of the best RealStyles.

Transpose for audio tracks, automatic and settable, with Hi Quality Transpose.

On-screen Relative Tempo, with settings from huge slowdown (1/100 of original tempo) to big speedup (8x original tempo).

UserTracks Enhanced. UserTracks support drum fills, post fills, and simple drums. UserTracks dialog has instant previews.

Automatic and settable track labels and descriptions.

Options for “Simpler Arrangements” added.

Simple Drums added.

Option to prevent a drum fill at a bar added.

Jazz Ballad bass default ballad style is “simpler.”

Ultra Simple “Helds” RealTracks, selectable like other RealTracks.

Simple button, to make current or all songs simple arrangements.

Holds improved, with optimized timing, so that strumming guitars start earlier like a real musician would do.

Automatic Updates.

Sample Rate Detection Warning.

Loops and Artist Performance Tracks can now be frozen.

Fretlight Support

Fretlight Logo

Major new feature for Band-in-a-Box! The FretLight® guitar is a cool electric hardware guitar that has LED lights on the frets. Now, if you have a FretLight, you can mirror the output of the Band-in-a-Box on-screen guitar to the FretLight fretboard.

Set-up is easy... With your Fretlight guitar plugged into your computer, all you need to do is select "Fretlight Guitar Support" in the Guitar Window of Band-in-a-Box and you're ready to go! Using your Fretlight with Band-in-a-Box you can:

  • Watch the Artist Performance Tracks played by Nashville Legend Brent Mason show up on your Fretlight guitar as you hear the tracks.
  • Set the Guitar Tutor in Band-in-a-Box to play strumming chord shapes, which will work for any song in Band-in-a-Box. (Choose your chord types jazz/pop/folk etc.)
  • See RealTracks played on your Fretlight guitar, as you hear them played by the Masters in audio.

See it in action! Watch the video "Using a Fretlight Guitar with Band-in-a-Box" at http://www.pgmusic.com/videos.bbwin.htm

And more…